Recorded Sermons

2016-09-18 Commendable Before God

2016-09-11 My Commitment to the Goverment

2016-09-04 Living Before the World

2016-08-28 The Life of Naaman

2016-08-21 The Need to Grow the Congregation

2016-08-14 Our Present Status

2016-08-07 Responsibilities and Rewards of Being Christian

2016-07-31 Be Holy

2016-07-24 Fixing Our Hope on the Great of God

2016-07-17 Feeling Privileged

2016-07-10 Inexpressible Joy

2016-07-03 A Living Hope

2016-06-26 The Chosen of God

2016-06-19 What Can Make Me Whole Again

2016-06-12 The Pilgrims of The Dispersion

2016-06-05 A Closing Word of Praise

Finding and Using Your Gifts

How Not To Use Your Gift

What Power Do I Serve In?

2013-07-21 The Spectacle of The Apostles

2013-07-14 The Three Courts

2013-07-07 Destroying The Temple of God

2013-06-30 The Servant of God and The Lord Jesus Christ

2013-06-16 The Proper Perspective on Teachers

2013-06-09 Are You Still Carnal?

2013-06-02 God's Hidden Wisdom - Part 2

2013-05-26 God's Hidden Wisdom - Part 1

Futility of Human Wisdom

The Family of God

How To Deal With Suffering

The Dividing Line

Practice Makes Habit

The Grace in Which We Stand-At The Foot of The Cross

The Grace of God- part 2

The Grace of God- part 1

Slaying the Giant of Discouragement


Propriety in Worship Part 2

Propriety In Worship

Who Should Be Elected President?

If The Church Were Like Me

How To Avoid Offense

God's Design For Family

A Christian's Worldview of Love

A Christian's Worldview of Greatness

Sharpening our world view #1

Conquering Spiritual Blindness

Identifying the spiritual blind spot

Five things to change your life #5 - Missionary

Five things to change your life #4 - Servant

Five things to change your life #3 - Bible

Five things to change your life #2 - Prayer

Five things to change your life #1 - Sharing

Knowing God 3: Through His Son

Knowing God 2: Through His Spirit

To Know God

The Lords Supper



Reality Of Hell

Psalm 1


Love and Fear



Caterpillar To Butterfly

Acts of Worship - Preaching and Teaching

Acts Of Worship - Part 1

Marks of Spiritual Immaturity

The significance of The First Day